유희 有希


Yoohee habitually writes down her daily plans and trivial thoughts in a note. The stories on the note represented on the canvas as ordinary images or private images like pencil, notepad and clocks. The artist, who considers that individual ordinary daily life is connected to her artwork, paints the utterly familiar scenes of everyday life, such as the toast and fried egg she has every morning for breakfast. She enjoys how such documentations of private daily life painted on the canvases are interpreted in diverse ways the moment spectators encounter them. Yoohee, who is intrigued by the fact that her ordinary everyday life becomes an unfamiliar scene to others, adds her own imaginations or gives changes in shape in perspective to the picture-plane in order to increase such sense of gap. She has accepted her ordinary daily routines embodied in her works in an unfamiliar way, and leads us to interpret them as our own stories. Therefore, she wants us to wonder about the work and then see the works in detail. Ultimately, yoohee is sharing her daily life with us, and presenting small fun things amidst the ordinaries through her work that enables the spectators to discover the meanings of the works on their own.